Athletics and Recreation

The Athletics and Recreation Committee represents the interests of the entire university community in providing advice and oversight for the athletic and recreation programs and facilities at Emory University.

Recognizing the enormous demand for these programs and facilities, the committee seeks to balance competing needs so as to obtain the optimal use of our resources. The committee will work with the Vice President for Campus life and Director of Athletics and Recreation to implement these policies. When appropriate, matters will be referred to the University Senate for further action. In all endeavors academic integrity and gender equity will be primary considerations.

Please see more details of our goals below.

Full Committee Roster (PDF)

While the purview of the committee will entail the broad athletic and recreational domain at Emory, many of its specific responsibilities can be enumerated under the following three classes.


  • Monitor Emory's participation in the UAA and NCAA, providing guidance on legislative initiatives.
  • Serve as a resource for resolving faculty/student-athlete concerns. Monitor conflicts between academics and athletics, especially noting the degree of class absences resulting from athletic participation.
  • Monitor gender equity issues.
  • Promote support of the Emory athletic teams.
  • Produce or review policy statements in areas such as drug use and conduct.
  • Prior to the creation or deletion of any athletic team, the Committee's recommendation will be solicited by the Vice President for Campus Life.
  • The Director of Athletics and Recreation shall inform the Chair of any violation of NCAA regulations. When appropriate the matter will be reviewed by the Committee.
  • Monitor and advise on admissions and financial aid issues.

Recreational Services

  • Monitor and advise on policies for club and intramural sports.
  • Be sensitive to the needs and concerns of the general recreational user, increasing communication with the administration. The Committee will review policy changes and act as a sounding board, considering the interests of all constituencies.


  • Promote policies to optimize use of the Woodruff PE Center and playing fields by the Emory community.
  • Monitor maintenance of indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • Work with the administration in issues of procuring maintenance and new facilities.
  • Advise in the prioritization and purchase of equipment.
  • Advise on the scheduling of outside events, monitoring their impingement on university activities.

2014 - 2015 Committee Report (PDF)